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these are things that I find interesting... you might like them (or find them interesting) too :) I love stickers and I love MOO. Get some:

Create 90 different photo stickers

I <3 Colorblock Dresses at eShakti


me and freya are in the Real Friends- loose ends music video waiting in line for Today’s Mixtape Festival. we’re the ones with blue hair.

tee hee! This is my daughter and her friend in line for a show I took them to a couple months ago&#8230; ended up in the video. Yes, that&#8217;s me in my classic red hoodie. Hey Mama :)

Bookworm problems

don’t tell me Michael Sam in the NFL isn’t a big deal



Geometric space art.

Guys you don’t understand how awesome this is. This pattern happens everywhere. It happens on flowers and pinecones absolutely vegetables, it happens all around you. If you don’t think that’s like the realist shit ever i don’t understand you.

Representation of the apparent motion of the Sun and planets as seen from Earth. Encyclopaedia Britannica (1777) 


A Painting Made From Pieces of Glass
» Do Something Useful with Chrome’s “New Tab”



imageImage via FIO

When you hit “command (or control)-T” to open a new tab in Chrome, what happens? Do you see the default Google page? A view of your Chrome apps? Nothing at all? Last week I discovered and immediately started using FIO, and now my new tabs display something useful before I…

I needed this :)


I wanna be Tina Belcher when I grow up. 


Plant These Flowers | Save The Bees!

i’m gonna cry, so sweet
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