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Ignorance can be bliss—but don’t you just love knowing that there’s amazing power and wicked technology inside every Ford? Let AND Is Better whisk you away to your happy AND spider-free place.

I’m all for pie charts, AND I’m also a ford baby for life - meaning I was nearly born in a ford, every car I’ve ever owned has been a ford and everything I had in my life up until I started supporting myself came from ford $ earned by my father who worked at WHQ for 30 something years, but… but… but what does any of this random stuff have to do with ford? or even cars? and well it’s just pretty daft IMHO… nice try guys… sidenote, why the body hate? 

We are hurtling through space at over a million miles an hour (a truer orbit of the planets)

Recap: A Discussion with Nas and Ben Horowitz at SXSW Interactive 2014
Hip Hop legend and entrepernuer Nas interviews friend, business partner, and Venture Capitalists Ben Horowitz for a deep discussion on the correlation of hip hop and entrepreneurship for SXSW interactive.

SXSW kicked off last week in Austin, Tx with a host of events, performances, and trade shows, celebrating the areas of music, film, and interactive technology. Among the scheduled events was Sunday’s discussion panel with iconic rapper Nas and top investor Ben Horowitz. Horowitz, who recently released a book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, has been working with Marc Andreessen for over 19 years, and together the two have molded their Venture Capitalist firm into a one of the most successful investment firms of our time. Nas, who has collaborated with Horowitz recently on a number of projects including Tristan Walker’s Bevel by Walker & Company, interviewed the Silicone Valley CEO on a number of topics including history, music, entrepreneurship and the parallels of language and ethics of hip hop and business. The two discuss their respective careers, their chance meeting and the development of their friendship and joint business ventures. Nas and Horowitz broke down the elements of success in starting your own business and succeeding on your own terms. The lively discussion, was filled with hip hop quotables and sound advice for those in the audience looking to invest in their dreams.

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COCKTAILS TO NURTURE EACH CHAKRA (via Reductress - Women’s News. Feminized.)
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